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October 1, 2010

A diaper service is competitively priced

Most parents want to do what's best for their baby and for the environment, but cloth is expensive and dirty, right? Not at all!

We can't tell you exactly how much you'll save — it varies by the brand of disposable, where you buy them and other factors. We took a look at disposables for sale at Walmart in November 2012 and found that disposable diaper prices range from 17 cents to 37 cents per diaper (which averages to 27 cents per diaper).

If you use 10 disposables a day @ $0.25 each (we'll assume you occassionally buy some of the very, very cheap disposables a few times), you're spending $17.50 per week. But our service is $24 per week. At first it looks more expensive but remember: Babies who use cloth diapers are potty trained about a year earlier.

So, $17.50 in disposables per week for 3 years is $2,730. (And the average time in disposable diapers is getting longer — it would cost almost $3,700 for 4 years in diapers.) But $24 for our diaper service for 2 years is only $2,496. Other diaper services advertise an even greater savings (at the same or higher weekly fee), but this is just what our cautious calculations found. Maybe others included the gas for driving to the store — or all the extra stuff you end up buying just because you're there!

A Seattle-area diaper service even reported being cheaper than washing diapers at home:

The average parent has found the price difference between doing it themselves and diaper service is only about $2.00 a week. This is taking into consideration soaps, water, electricity, wear and tear, finding the high quality diapers themselves, plus your time and labor. Also, if you are washing them in shared machines, such as an apartment complex or public Laundromat, make sure to find out the policies regarding possible spread of bacteria and other peoples feelings on sharing machines used for cleaning body waste. (Source: Seattle Diaper)

That's great news: The easiest and "greenest" way is also the cheapest!

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