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October 1, 2010

Q: If cloth diapers are so great, why do most people use disposables?

A: It's simple: They're big and we're not. Most cloth diaper services are small, local companies who can't afford to advertise like the national disposable diaper companies. We also have to show people how much cloth diapers have changed in the last generation.

Q: What areas do you serve?

A: We serve Greater Cincinnati and Dayton. If you think you're on the edge of our delivery areas, contact us. We may be able to offer you service with a slight fuel surcharge, or we can arrange an alternate pick up/drop off site — at work or a friend's house, for instance.

Q: Are you the only diaper service in Cincinnati?

A: Yes.

Q: What are my payment options?

A: You can pay cash, check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard & Discover) or online.

We also sell gift certificates so tell your friends you plan to use (or are using) our service and their non-refundable gift certificate will be applied to your account.

If you are a current customer wanting to pay online, click here and you'll open a new window where you can enter your account information and pay online.

Q: Do I have to rinse my diapers?

A: Absolutely not! That's what our industrial washers are for. Once your baby's poop is solid, we ask that you flip it into the toilet. If it's not flipable, then you don't have to worry about it! Our diaper liners (sort of like dryer sheets) make that even easier, and it should keep your diaper pail smelling even better!

Q: What if my childcare provider won't let me use cloth?

A: Unfortunately, this happens. We are happy to show them how far cloth diapers have come. many customers even perform their own demonstration for the day care. Be sure to check your regulations in your state regarding cloth diapering. If the day care received any type of state or federal funding, they may not be allowed to refuse cloth diapering. Or just read the next section...

Q: What if my childcare provider tells me it is against the law or a health code violation for day care or childcare facilities to use cloth diapers or store soiled cloth diapers?

A: First, be assured that Ohio and Kentucky laws allow for cloth diapers to be used and soiled diapers stored at day care facilities. It is not the state (or commonwealth) but, instead, individual care companies that decide to not allow cloth diapering - or even disposable diapering - at its facilities. Politely point the facility's representative to Ohio Administrative Code 5101:2-12-15.2 Diapering and toilet training for licensed child care centers (see point 7) or the Kentucky Division of regulated Child Care ("An adequate quantity of freshly laundered or disposable diapers and clean clothing shall be available"). Note that, depending on the type of facility and who is doing the laundering, an Ohio day care can hold soiled cloth diapers for one, five or seven consecutive days.

Q: What kind of diapers do you use?

A: We tested many diapers from different manufacturers before settling on our unbleached 100% cotton Chinese prefolds. Bleaching the cotton white is really unnecessary and can pollute the environment, plus it removes the natural oils that make cotton strong and durable. Our unbleached diapers are ivory in color, and very soft!

Q: What kind of diaper covers do you offer?

A: We offer Thirsties, Thirsties Duos and Wonder Wraps. The great thing about the WonderWraps and Thirsties Duo diaper covers are that they adjusts in size, so you don't have to buy new covers as your baby grows. These are wonderful basics but some parents also want the fun, cute covers. While you usually have to buy over the internet just to see a cover, we've tested so many that we have quite a stockpile! If there is something you're interested in seeing, ask us. We may have one to show you.

Q: When do I put my diapers out?

A: Please have your diapers out by 8 a.m. on your scheduled delivery day, which will be assigned based on your address.

Q: What if I forget to put out my diapers?

A: Contact us. We may be able to come back, if we're still in the area, or arrange a special pickup if we'll be nearby on another day (there may be an additional fee or fuel charge for the extra trip). Otherwise, we'll ask you to set them out at your next pick up date. We will still drop off your clean diapers the first time you forget but we can't do this if no diapers are picked up for two weeks in a row. In any case, do contact us.

Q: How many diapers do I need?

A: Generally, the younger your baby, the more diapers you need. We like to start with 80 to 100 diapers and adjust as needed. We also recommend you purchase 4-6 diaper covers. Just use a wipe on the inside of the cover at diaper changes and throw them in as needed with your regular laundry. Over time, as your child gets older and develops, they will go less often meaning they'll use fewer diapers.

Q: What size diapers do I need?

A: Diapers are sized by weight. These are general guidelines:

  • Preemie/newborn: 9.5” x 13”: Fits babies 2-8 pounds
  • Infant: 12” x 16”: Fits babies up to 15 pounds
  • Regular: 14.5” x 21”: Fits babies 10-30 pounds
  • Toddler: 17.5” x 23”: Fits babies 25-50 pounds

Within all sizes there will be variations because cotton shrinks when washed. Also, your child's build may mean you use a diaper outside of the suggest weight ranges. That is OK (and more normal than you may think). Also, as we add in new diapers and sort out diapers that aren't up to our standards, you may sometimes see a variation within the same size.

Q: What if I need more diapers?

A: Contact us. Our fee covers all the diapers you need, up to 100 per week. Extras after that are just $2 per 10 diapers. If you find you will be short before the end of your week, let us know — we don't want you to go diaper-less (there may be an additional fee or fuel charge for the extra trip).

Q: What if I have multiple children in diapers?

A: You have our sympathy — and a 25% discount off each additional service.

Q: Do I get the same diapers back each week?

A: We don't set aside certain diapers just for your use. Industrial washers are large, and it would be wasteful of water, detergent and energy to run one load per customer. The only other way we've found to keep diapers separate is to use net laundry bags, but then the diapers don't circulate and get as clean. It's also harder for us to inspect each diaper for stains or other defects. We'd rather give you the cleanest, highest quality diapers every week than the same diapers.

Q: Will I need (or get) 100 diapers each week?

A: Most likely not. Our service includes up to 100 diapers but we've found that most people wil never need that many in a week. (Most services start with 60 or 70 diapers and charge per 10 above that, so we decided to begin with a larger base to avoid potentially costly revisits for the few who do use more). Also, over time, your child will go less often and use larger diapers, so it is natural to not use - or need to have - as many diapers. We monitor individual usage and periodically adjust individual customer's allotment to reflect actual need. Giving a customer too many diapers creates waste, additional expense and more storage space in the baby changing area After all, the bigger the diaper, the more space it takes up. (There is a small fee per 10 additional diapers).

Q: Can I wash my diapers at home?

A: Please do not wash the diapers yourself. Home laundering frequently results in staining. If you need more diapers, just contact us.

Q: Can I use diaper creams?

A: Yes, however, we have found that Regular and Original Formula Desitin creams (or anything containing Cold Liver Oil) stain our diapers. Any other diaper cream is fine.

Q: Do you provide any disposables?

A: Sorry, no. We used to sell Earth-friendly disposables but we found that the distributors were inconsistent unreliable so we were unable to reliably place orders and provide the appropriate sizes for customers. Besides, we love cloth and recommend cloth at all times. Yes, even when travelling.

If you do use an eco-friendly disposable option while travelling, we recommend Tushies. Many other brands are more eco-friendly than gel-filled disposables but do a lot of research. 7th Generation's disposables, for example, do contain gel and they dye the diapers to look more natural.

Q: What if I'm going on vacation?

A: Just let us know. We can give you extra diapers the week before if you wish to cloth diaper while on vacation. We can skip a pick up and get a double load once you are back from vacation.

If you are going on vacation for an extended period of time, we suggest you try to find a cloth diaper service where you will be staying.

Q: What about holidays, or if the weather is bad?

A: We will contact you with our holiday schedule 1-2 weeks before major holidays. We will also let you know if weather conditions prevent us from making deliveries. If you're worried you might not have enough diapers to get through or that you think we will be unable to get to you due to the weather, please let us know.

Q: Is there any benefit to referring my friends?

A: Yes! We will give you one free week for every friend you refer who stays with us for one month. Just have your friend mention your name when they call for service.

Q: Do you offer a baby shower registry? Can your service be given as a gift?

A: Yes. Contact us via email or phone and we will set up your registry or provide a gift certificate. People who want to purchase a gift certificate should call us at (513) 348-2727 to place the order. Gift certificates can be purchased in any amount and can be used for service and/or cloth diapering items we sell.

Q: When do I get my bill?

A: When you receive your first batch of diapers and we show you how to use them, you will be asked for your first and last months' service payment. (We do this as a security deposit for our diapers. When you finished with our service, you will be receive back any portion of the last month that you did not use.) Your payments will then be due every four weeks. We can either deliver the bill with your diapers or via e-mail or set up an automatic charge to your credit card.

Q: What can I do if my diaper bag stinks?

A: Odor is often worse if you keep the diaper bag closed. But there are other ways to reduce odors:

  • Sprinkle a little baking soda in the pail.
  • Wet a cotton ball with a few drops of any essential oil (tea tree and lavender are popular) and place it in your pail or tape it to the underside of the lid.

You can also try our diaper liners. They capture all of the poop and can be flushed in the toilet. These are especially helpful for newborn poop.

Q: My diaper covers are getting soiled every time. How do I prevent this?

A: While your baby is young, folding the diaper and placing it in the cover (without a pin or Snappi) may be enough. Once your baby is crawling, a Snappi fastener will help. See “how to fold” for details on how a Snappi works.

Q: My baby is soaking through his diaper every time, what should I do?

A: There are a few reasons this can happen.

  • Your baby may be ready for a bigger diaper. The smaller diaper simply cannot handle the output. Let us know and we can bump you up to the next size (or you can at least give the next size a try to see if that will help).
  • The cover may be too small. This can result in both the cloth not being completely covered (allowing wetness to wick from the diaper to clothes, blankets, you, your in-laws, etc) or the cloth being squeezed so tight that it absorbs less than it should.
  • If leaks occur mainly overnight or during naps, you may need an extra diaper, a doubler — or even two for heavy wetters. Another alternative is a wool diaper cover. These are not hot and scratchy like wool sweaters! Wool is great for overnight because it can absorb up to 30% of its weight in liquid, and it is naturally self-cleaning. They need to be washed every few weeks with a special detergent. They are a bit pricier than regular diaper covers, but you should only need one. Fleece covers work similarly and are cheaper.
  • Another cause may be detergent residue. Laundry detergent can build up on anything you wash but you will usually only notice it on items that are supposed to be waterproof (as in diaper covers) or absorbent (as in cloth diapers). We recommend using Charlie's Soap, Sensi-clean and Countrysave but the best detergent differs by family (hard/soft water, the washing machine used, etc., all make a difference). Please do not wash the cloth diapers if you are using our service. Our diapers are stripped of residue with each washing regime.

    The following detergents seem to create a lot of buildup:

    • All "Free and Clear." This detergent has many additives to rid the fabric of allergens.
    • Some versions of Bio-Kleen.
    • 7th Generation.
    • Dreft and other "baby" detergents, including Ivory Snow.

    To get rid of residue from your covers or your cloth diapers (not service diapers), try rinsing in hot water with no detergent. If this doesn't work, you may have to perform a more intense “stripping” process:

    • Run your covers and diapers (yours, not ours) through a wash with only hot water (if allowed by manufacturer's washing instructions).
    • Run a second wash using 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup vinegar.
    • Add another 1/2 cup vinegar in first rinse cycle.
    • Run a second rinse cycle with plain hot water.
    • Dry covers in dryer.

    You may have to do this twice.

Q: What if I want to cancel?

A: We want all of our customers to leave us because their children are potty trained. If you wish to leave us because of another reason, please tell us so we can try to fix it. If you do decide to cancel:

  • Please contact us via phone or email prior to your service day to arrange for a final pick.
  • Your final pickup will be on your usual service day and considered your final week of service (service weeks are calculated by the number of pickups).
  • We ask that you put all the dirty diapers in the diaper pail liner and all clean items (unused cloth diapers, Snappis and washed loaner covers) in a bag separate from the dirties. A cover sent through with the dirty diapers will be damaged by the laundering process and may incur a replacement fee.
  • There is a fee for missing materials: $1 to $3 per diaper (depending on size), $2 per doubler, $2 per Snappi, $11 per loaner cover and $20 per diaper bag. Any unreturned items may be deducted from the deposit.
  • If you cancel and have not used at least 4 weeks of active service, you will be charged a one-week service fee for the initial consultation.

Q: How do I know if it's time to potty train?

A: We like the Dr. Sears approach:

  • Imitates your toileting
  • Verbally communicates other sensations, such as hunger
  • Understands simple requests, such as "go get ball"
  • Begins to pull diapers off when wet or soiled, or comes to tell you he's dirty
  • Follows you to the bathroom
  • Able to pull clothes off
  • Climbs onto the potty-chair or toilet
  • Has dry spells: stays dry at least three hours
  • Investigates his or her body equipment

Children in cloth diapers generally potty train at around 18 months of age, but every child is different.

Q: Can you answer some other cloth diaper questions?

A: We'd love to! We have tested many different kinds of prefold diapers, diaper covers, all-in-one diapers and pocket diapers. We have many of each of these that we would be happy to show you, even if you do not want to use our service. Our goal is get as many babies in cloth as we can!

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