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October 1, 2010


This is so much easier than you probably imagine. When your baby is young and not very mobile, you can simply fold the diaper in thirds, slap it in the diaper cover and fasten it with the Velcro-like tabs When your baby becomes more mobile, you can use a Snappi fastener (shown below in the middle photo in the second row) to help keep the diaper in place. It's so much easier than using diaper pins - you don't have to worry about sticking your baby!


When your baby starts sleeping for longer stretches at night (probably not nearly as soon as you would like!), you can start using a doubler. This helps your baby stay dry during the longer interval between changes. You can put the doubler in the middle of the diaper and fold the diaper into thirds around it, or you can fold the diaper and plop the doubler right on top.


Then come all the variations of folds that you may never use. There's a “bikini twist” that may be useful if your baby has thicker thighs. You put the baby on the unfolded diaper and twist it between the legs and top with a Snappi.


If you have a girl, you might like the extra absorbency you get when you fold the diaper in thirds the other way.


You can see video of different folds being performed here:

Of course, we will happily to show you how to do any or all of these folds in your own home when we set up your service.

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