Diapers kept out of landfills
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October 1, 2010

This is just a sampling of what's out there. We welcome you to do your own research before you come to your own conclusions on what's best for your baby.

General benefits of cloth


Environmental concerns

Health concerns

Other cloth diapering links

Cloth diapering and area moms forums

Local cloth diapering stores

  • Earth Bums Internet retailer based in Independence, Ky. If you order here, we can deliver your order with your regular diaper service.
  • Park + Vine Green general store in Cincinnati that carries Imse Vimse, Little Beetle and gDiapers.



  • TheBabyWearer
  • Wears the Baby
  • Ego baby Carrier
    We especially like the Ergo baby carrier. It is a little pricey (about $92), but it is the only one you will have to buy, and it is way more comfortable than a Snuggli!

Baby signs

Mommy movies

Book recommedations

Dr. William Sears
Finally, a doctor - also a parent of 8 kids - who offers good common-sense advice. His wife, Martha, a registered nurse, co-authors with him.

The Bradley Method
Mostly thought of as a natural childbirth method, it actually focuses on knowing what is going on with your body and making educated decisions regarding medical intervention. (I used this method to have a completely unmedicated birth and would be happy to answer questions.)

Miami Valley Hospital's Family Beginnings natural birth center
The only one of its kind in the area. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Where we had our son, and will have all future children. My husband described it as more like a bed and breakfast. I can also give a wonderful OBGYN recommendation if you would like to use this hospital.

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